Cara Rahasia Membuat: Beef Spinach Roll with Kewpie Roasted Sesame salad dressing Nikmat

Beef Spinach Roll with Kewpie Roasted Sesame salad dressing. Salad mukbang with kewpie roasted sesame salad dressing. DIY ROASTED SESAME DRESSING – HOW TO MAKE your own KEWPIE ROASTED SESAME DRESSING. Now, thanks to their expansion into the US, you can taste their award-winning roasted sesame salad dressing without.

Beef Spinach Roll with Kewpie Roasted Sesame salad dressing I used it as a sauce for noodles. If you ever heard of Coco's curry house, they have this bomb ass salad dressing, it's a sesame dressing, this is the closest we've ever come to when comes to that dressing. Blanched spinach dressed in a savory nutty sesame sauce, this Japanese Spinach Salad with Sesame Dressing (Spinach Gomaae) is a healthy veggie side dish that goes well with everything. You can have Beef Spinach Roll with Kewpie Roasted Sesame salad dressing using 9 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Beef Spinach Roll with Kewpie Roasted Sesame salad dressing

  1. Prepare 250 gr of kewpie roasted sesame salad dressing (wijen sangrai).
  2. You need 500 gr of beef tenderloin – make into 2 beef layers (bagi jd 2 lbr).
  3. It’s 5 gr of salt & pepper (garam +lada).
  4. It’s 100 gr of spinach (bayam).
  5. It’s 50 gr of cheddar spread (cheesy keju oles).
  6. Prepare 50 gr of mozarella cheese (keju mozarella).
  7. It’s 25 gr of unsalted butter.
  8. You need of Thread to tie the beef (Benang kasur utk mengikat daging).
  9. It’s 1 pack of of French Fries (secukupnya french fries klo suka).

Spinach or green beans are often dressed in sesame sauce in Japanese cuisine. The Deep-Roasted Sesame Dressing from Kewpie (whose Japanese mayonnaise I'm already fully enamored with) is a delectable one. Its nutty flavor is deep, its applications endless. Sure, you can dress a simple salad with it (I love a crisp and green mix of iceberg—yes, iceberg!—and tender.

Beef Spinach Roll with Kewpie Roasted Sesame salad dressing instructions

  1. Flatten the beef with meat hammer, marinated with a bit of kewpie roasted sesame. (Pipihkan beef dgn palu khusus daging, beri marinasi secukupnya dgn kewpie wijen sangrai).
  2. Boil spinach, drained, mix evenly with cheddar spread. (Rebus bayam, tiriskan n keringkan, campur dengan keju oles, aduk hingga rata).
  3. After being marinated, put each flattened beef, give a pinch of salt n pepper, place the spinach and also mozarella cheese (slice or grated), rolled and tied with thread.
  4. Setelah dimarinasi bbrp menit, beri sejumput lada n garam keatas masing2 beef, tempatkan bayam tadi diatasnya, ratakan, beri keju mozarella (bisa diparut/iris), gulung, ikat dgn benang kasur.
  5. In a pan, melt the butter, put in the beef roll, cook for few minutes, then pour kewpie roasted sesame salad dressing, cook until all done (indication: if you can see mozarella cheese already melted).
  6. Di wajan, panaskan butter, masukkan beef roll, masak sebentar, kemudian tuang saus kewpie wijen sangrai, masak hingga matang (indikasi sdh matang, biasanya kalau keju mozarella sdh meleleh didalam, daging sdh cukup matang).
  7. After all cooked and done, turn off the stove, cut n throw the thread then cut beef roll into slices, put in plate and pour the rest of the sauce. I served it with french fries.
  8. Setelah semua matang, angkat, potong dan buang benangnya, kemudian potong2 dagingnya menjadi beef roll slice, tempatkan di piring saji dan tuangkan sisa saus keatasnya. Saya tambahkan french fries sebagai teman makan beef spinach roll ini. Rasanya enak dan mewah!.

Roasted Sesame Dressing Sesame Seed Dressing Kewpie Japanese Sesame Dressing Recipe Sauce Recipes Cooking Recipes Cooking Food · Japanese spinach salad (Horenso Gomaae) is a delicious and refreshing side dish prepared with blanched spinach dressed in savory nutty sesame. Use this Paleo creamy sesame dressing for Asian Coleslaw, broccolini noodle salad, or chopped bok choy salad. It's also a terrific dressing to make steamed vegetables so much tastier. Sesame salad dressing is very popular in Japan and is sometimes known as goma dressing (goma means sesame in Japanese). Drizzle this sesame dressing over thinly sliced beef, pork, fresh tuna, or salmon garnished with chopped cucumber.