How To Put A Throw On A Sofa

How To Style A Throw On A Sofa Option 1. Notice that while there is scale variation the larger one is more medium.

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Fold it length wise and drape it to the right side the left side or down the middle.

How to put a throw on a sofa. This can be on the arm of your couch the back of your couch folded in thirds off-centered or draped on the seat of your couch. Its so simple and classic which allows for more modern pillow and throw options. You should now have a tidy rectangle.

Possibly the most classic of all the looks. So youve made the choice to either be organic right or folded left now you have one more stylistic choice you need to makeall the way up and over the back of the sofa or the seat-cushion-only throw. Drape your sofa with a throw so it looks good from the front and the back.

The floating sofa drape. Casual Throw Put Over Sofa Arm. You dont need to follow specific rules but you can either fold it in half thirds or quarters depending on your desired style or how big the blanket is.

The deep color of the sofa makes the room pop so the pillows dont have to be loud. Adding a throw to a living room can give it a completely different look and style. Casey does this on the side of her couch with a throw that has tassels.

Next fold the length of the throw blanket in half. Check out this video to discover the most versatile option to protect your sofa. Try placing a throw pillow in front of it because it makes it look complete when you cant see the crease.

For shorter couches try folding the throw width-wise for placement. We often like to do this when the blanket is pretty thin and has a nice pattern. They are ideal for decorating and protecting sof.

Here is another casual yet classy look to put your throw blanket. Inspired by Better Homes Gardens. Play around with the edges of the blanket and create ripples in the top layer of the blanket to achieve the desired look.

Allow the left side to hang behind the sofa while the right side falls on the floor. As soon as the weather gets cold we dig our throw blankets out of the closets and drape them over sofas and chairs to warm up our living rooms. With a long couch fold the throw lengthwise and place it across the back with equal amounts of open space on either side.

Folded The most common way to put a throw blanket on a couch is by folding it. For an orderly look fold your throw blanket in thirds lengthwise. The practical throw covers.

Fold the throw blanket in half vertically grab from the middle of the folded edge and throw to the corner of the couch. THE WATERFALL Fold the throw in halfabout a third of the way down the throw bunch it together and place at the back of the arm on a chair or sofathen fan out the rest of the throw across the seat to create a waterfall like look. Throw the blanket on the couch at an angle off the center.

Lay your folded throw blanket over one corner of a sofa or chair smoothing it out if needed. Browse these ideas to add some style to your living room. DP on the other hand must somehow fight with the throw roll it into a ball and then leave it in a crumpled heap in the corner of the sofa and not even notice.

The options above are the up and over. I found a massive one in Ikea which stayed on a bit better because it reached the floor over the back of the sofa and you could put the feet on the sofa on it IYSWIM. Make gathers on the throw to get that casual look.

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