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Vaːsə ˈvæːsə Noun.

Pronunciation of vase. In a the vase. Thanks for your vote. The original pronunciation was the soft a sound.

Väz and to the time when the word vase appears to have been taken into E. Vase c singular definite vasen plural indefinite vaser vase. Pronunciation of vases with 1 audio pronunciations.

Would be vāz with a tendency to make it conform to the apparent analogy of base case etc–that is to pronounce it vās. I was really hoping it was due to the Great Vowel Shift but no. When instructing her children in the correct American English pronunciation of the word used for the vessel designed to hold cut flowers Mummy Darling also known as MD insisted that the only acceptable pronunciation for vase is when it rhymes with place Which of these vases is.

Theres veys rhymes with case veyz rhymes with daze and vahz rhymes with cause. Canadian usually and US also ˈvāz. According to the F.

VAAZ – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce. People are judging you for the way you pronounce vase By Brandon Ambrosino Jul 31 2014 1200pm EDT. How to pronounce vase audio.

Learn how to pronounce Vase in English with video audio and syllable-by-syllable spelling from the United States and the United Kingdom. US usually ˈvās. Break vase down into sounds.

Youll be able to mark. 1 Vote Very easy. Its just a simple change based on normalizing a sound for that language.

Borrowed from French vase from Latin vās vessel. How To Pronounce Vase. Detailed translation and examples.

Here are 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of vase. Between 1660 and 1700 the reg. Vase Definitions and Synonyms.

Vase When it comes to these vessels that typically hold flowers there are a variety of ways people pronounce vase. How to pronounce vase audio. Pronunciation of vase with 5 audio pronunciations 1 synonym 3 meanings 13 translations and more for vase.

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How to say vase in English. Depending on location there are three main pronunciations of vase All of them are considered standard. Be filled with something.

In the Century Dictionary entry vase it says the following. Leave a vote for your preferred pronunciation. Vase – transcription translation and pronunciation online Transcription and pronunciation of the word vase in British and American variants.

English Pronunciation of Vase. It became Anglicized very common with words from other languages and has be come the vase with a long a sound. Record yourself saying vase in full sentences then watch yourself and listen.

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