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These included upholstery stores near New York Chicago Detroit Boston Houston Seattle San Francisco and Las Vegas. Reupholstering a sofa is usually done as a full job and will depend on how the backing is attached and whether the cushions can be removed.

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The truth is that reupholstering furniture can often cost as much as replacing it and sometimes more.

Reupholster sofa cost. Let us send your furniture on a trip to the Riviera. But if your couch needs a full overhaul that involves re-stuffing reupholstery and repairs to springs or backboards the job could cost between 700 and 1200 or more. Average Cost to Reupholster a Couch Reupholstering an old sofa can cost anywhere from 600 to 4000 depending on the fabric and the labor rates.

Price depends mostly on the size of the piece and the fabric which typically runs 50 to 70 per yard. To reupholster a classic three-seat sofa you can expect to pay approximately 600 in labor plus the fabric costs. Smaller couches could cost you close to 450 each to get then reupholstered while larger ones can cost 1000 or more.

Specializing in Custom Upholstery with thousands of colors and patterns available. Ottomans can be reupholstered. Reupholstering a couch costs 600 to 4000 with an average cost of 1750.

Sofa Reupholstery Cost To understand the total cost of reupholstering a couch we called several upholstery shops in the US to give us the rundown. The Real Costs. Each piece will be reupholstered separately.

Youll pay 50 to 70 per yard on average for fabric with labor rates of 40 to 100 per hour. The cost to reupholster furniture averages 711 ranging from 367 and 1109. Prices depend on the size of the piece fabric repairs finishes and labor.

For over 75 years we have given the best prices for Furniture Reupholstery in Los Angeles and Southern California because we are factory direct. Reupholstering is often a really good option. Reupholstery professionals charge anywhere from 45 to 100 per hour and a couch can take 1220 hours to complete.

However most commonly the average cost is 1750. Average Cost To Reupholster a Couch The cost of giving your old seat a makeover includes fabric labor and supplies. For example the cost to reupholster a chair cushion may be less than 150 and its unlikely you can replace the entire chair for that amount.

Reupholstering a couch can cost more than buying a new one but it breathes new life into antique or heirloom furniture. The cost of fabric can vary wildly so theres no way to give you a better estimate. Apparently there is no standard price for reupholstering a couch.

Upholstery fabric costs 30 to 60 per yard on average and. Furniture Reupholstery Cost The average cost to reupholster furniture is 200 to 1000 for chairs and 600 to 1800 for a couch or sofa. Fabric drives the cost with a typical sofa using at least 16 yards of fabric and a typical chair using about 7 yards.

Also have in mind that cheaper isnt always better when it comes to the reupholstery professional you choose to work with. Reupholster Sofa Cost It costs about 750 to 3500 to reupholster a sofa with most people spending around 1750 for the job. Labor ranges from 40 to 100 per hour depending on the complication of the project.

We also can help with woodworking and wood restoration on older or vintage furniture. Now there is no doubt that reupholstering your old furniture can be more cost effective than buying new but thats only if there are a few factors in place first. If youre using a relatively small sofa and inexpensive traffic you might be on the lower end of the spectrum.

If you have a beautifully-crafted sofa with fabric that needs a little TLC reupholstery might be. It depends on the furnitures size style and the fabrics price which ranges from 5 to 170 per yard. One thing you need to know is that reupholstering wooden frame furniture is different from reupholstering metal frame RV and automotive furniture.

Most three-seaters will require about 18 yards of fabric so keep that in mind when choosing.

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