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Russian Hypocoristic for the name Sofiya. Synonyms for sofas include chesterfields couches divans settees davenports squabs chaise longues lounges ottomans and daybeds.

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How do you use SOFA in a sentence.

Sofa synonyms. What are synonyms for SOFA. Synonyms for Sofa other words and phrases for Sofa. Wiktionary 000 0 votes Rate these synonyms.

According to an observational study at an Intensive Care Unit ICU in Belgium the mortality rate is at least 50 when the score is increased regardless of initial score in the first 96 hours of admission 27 to 35 if the score remains unchanged and less than 27 if the score. You missed out. Sofa noun An upholstered seat typically having sides and back long enough to accommodate two or more people.

Full list of synonyms for Sofas is here. Another way to say Sofa. Learn synonyms antonyms and opposites of Sofa in English with Spanish translations of every word.

8 synonyms for sofa. 3 Responses to Synonyms for Sofa Andrew Halliwell on March 03 2016 1230 pm. Any of four bands of overlapping eras.

What is the definition of SOFA. Couch settee UK love seat lounge chair chesterfield divan futon sofa bed sofabed chaise longue chaise lounge US two-seater sofa three-seater sofa sofa also found in these entries note. Synonyms and Antonyms of Sofa.

The SOFA scoring system is useful in predicting the clinical outcomes of critically ill patients. Venqax on March 03 2016 754 pm. Sofa may refer to.

What are another words for Sofas. Many are not synonyms or translations. Noun couch settee divan chaise longue chesterfield ottoman That night the Major had slept on the sofa.

I did not know that love seats originally had a different single-person purpose. What are synonyms for sofa. Settee noun a long upholstered seat for more than one person typically with a back and arms.

Sofa slave-soldiers in the Mali Empire and its successor states. Find more similar words at. Couch settee divan chaise longue chesterfield Collins English Thesaurus.

Another word for sofa. 159 other terms for sofa- words and phrases with similar meaning. A piece of furniture also called a couch.

Synonyms for sofa in Free Thesaurus. Synonyms for sofa include chesterfield couch divan settee davenport squab chaise longue lounge ottoman and put-you-up. Synonyms Other Words for Sofa Antonyms Opposite Meaning for Sofa.

Sofa Dutch band a post-indie band active since the late 1990s Sofa American band a post-grunge funk band active through the 1990s. What is the meaning of SOFA. Couch settee divan chaise longue chesterfield ottoman couch lounge.

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